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We will ship within 3 business days of receiving an order. Preferred shipping companies are United Parcel Service (UPS) and the United States Postal Service (USPS). All shipments will be tracked and that tracking number sent to you. Shipping costs are determined by location.

Each rosary has been custom made and no two are alike nor will ever be alike. Please note that many of these are made from parts of antique rosaries from around the world. While we guarantee our own work we cannot guarantee that rosaries that have been well used for decades. We will not use any rosaries, no matter how beautiful, if we deem them too fragile for normal handling.

The value of our rosaries is that they are from Marian Apparition Sites. The materials used vary widely from crystal to glass to plastic to stone and wood. The decades are joined by stainless steel hypo-allergenic links which are the only pieces we add to the original rosaries. We try very hard to mix modern with antique and vintage originals so that you truly have one of a kind rosaries.

What we make is entirely dependent on what we can find and obtain in original rosaries. This is why we cannot make two of a kind though groupings of five may have the same elements in different order.

At this time we offer several categories of Marian Apparition beads: Marian Apparition rosaries, children’s rosaries, breast cancer rosaries (all pink beads), and blue rosaries honoring the Blessed Mother (all varieties of blue beads). It should be noted that the children’s version use the same standards as the adult versions meaning they often contain antique beads as well.

We take most credit cards and PayPal.

It would not be right for you to keep a rosary you do not want. Please return the item to us within 10 days and we will return your money minus the shipping cost.

Any item received damaged can be immediately returned and we will either fix it or refund your money. Note that we cannot replace an exact item as all of them are custom.

We do not share your information with anyone. Ever. We may use your contact information to email you product information while always allowing you the option to opt out.. Please note that we do not control the credit card companies and whatever information they collect.   

We charge 6% tax to orders within the State of Michigan only.