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Beautiful Marian Rosaries

Each rosary hand assembled from five Marian Apparition sites. Made with love and devotion to Our Blessed Mother.

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How My Rosaries Are Made

I acquire antique, vintage, and modern rosaries from around the world. Each rosary represents a different Marian Apparition site. My rosaries contain five full decades.

To create one of my Marian Rosaries I select rosaries from five different apparition sites. I very carefully and reverently separate the originals into their five decades. I then build five new rosaries with each containing a decade from the originals. You will be holding in your hands beads representing her blessed appearance at five holy sites.   

What Makes Them Unique

Each of my rosaries represent five Marian Apparition sites.  The decades are made from rosaries that can be antique, vintage, or modern. In addition, almost all are made from a wide variety of materials from crystal to glass to plastic to stone and wood. The decades are joined with stainless steel links.

Marian Apparition Sites:

• Our Lady of Guadalupe: Guadalupe, Mexico, 1531
• Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal: Paris, France, 1830
• Our Lady of the Miracle: Rome, Italy, 1842
• Our Lady of Sorrows: La Salette, France, 1846
• Our Lady of Lourdes: Lourdes, France, 1858
• Mother of Hope: Pontmain, France, 1871
• Our Lady of Pellevoisin: Pellevoisin, France, 1876
• Holy Mother of Gietrzwald: Gietrzwald, Poland, 1877
• Our Lady of Knock: Knock, Ireland, 1879
• Our Lady of Fatima: Fatima, Portugal, 1917
• Our Lady of Beauraing: Beauraing, Belgium, 1932
• Lady of Banneux: Banneux, Belgium, 1933
• Weeping Madonna of Syracuse: Syracuse, Sicily, 1953
• Our Lady of Medjugorje: Medjugorje, Yugoslavia, 1981*

Our rosaries make a beautiful gift from the years past to the years ahead.

*Please note that Medjugorje is in the approval process with the Catholic Church as a Marian Apparition site.


"I am honored to receive this gift of blessings and miracles."

“First, what a great idea this is. Second, it is so beautiful. Third, it is made with such love and faith.”

“It really took my breath away.”

“I have never seen such a beautiful example of the “Holy Trinity”
before on a rosary cross!”

“I cannot express well enough the joy you have filled my soul with in this most precious gift.”

"I am touched and humbled to receive such a beautiful gift.”

“I too believe in the power of the rosary, and I love the history this rosary represents.”

"Thank you again for my beautiful special pink rosary - it is helping me be strong - I even sleep with it in my hand."

It was so very nice meeting you and chatting with you! Your rosaries are so beautiful and meaningful. GOD bless you with much success and fulfillment. Mom LOVED the rosary that I purchased from you yesterday! She has it on her nightstand next to her bed and she said "be careful, don't lose it!" She lit up when I had first given it to her, gazing amazingly at all the pretty beads and listening to me tell her where the different beads had come from. She treasures it, it made her so Happy, and I Thank You! Xoxo